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You can access the content in 2 ways:


The Data-Visualization Presentations

These click-through presentations give an overview of how our world is changing.


The Data-Entries

Data Entries are dedicated to a specific topic – child mortality, food supply, democratization, war deaths, world poverty, life-satisfaction and 50 other data-entries are already online. .

Each Data-Entry is split into 4 parts:

  1. The Long-Run Perspective – How did the particular aspect change over time?
  2. The Determinants & Consequences – What is driving this change and what does it mean for humanity?
  3. Definitions & Data Quality – What do we measure, what can we measure and how reliable is that data?
  4. Data Sources – I want to know more and want to check the data myself. Where can I find the data?

You always access the data-entries through the drop-down menu on the left.

The gallery below gives you an overview of the most popular data-entries.

Funding Request & Contact:

For the last years I have collected research and empirical data on many aspects of our changing world and my goal is to present this empirical evidence here on Only a long-term perspective and reliable empirical research let us understand how our world is changing.The fact that this research is available yet only known to specialists and not presented to a larger public has to change. It is especially sad since much of what we learn from the research on how our world is changing is very positive and shows a very optimistic picture of the world. By only following the daily news it is impossible to get an idea of how the world is changing. Disasters are happening in an instant, progress is a slow process that does not make the headlines – you have to zoom out to the long-term perspective to understand how the world is changing. Data visualization is a great way of communicating this research. This is why I am working on – to make this empirical evidence accessible and to visually present how our world is changing.I have developed this web site over the course of the last one and a half years and made it publicly available in June this year. The huge demand over the last weeks greatly exceeded my expectations. It encourages me to continue working on this web publication. I believe that the skeleton for what can become is in place but it needs to be fleshed out. It is a start but there is still a lot of work to be done!
To expand this web publication I am in contact with a number of partners – research institutions here in Oxford and international data providers and institutions that are keen to collaborate with To continue this work and to present a more comprehensive picture of how the world is changing I am currently looking for funding. If you know an institution that might be interested in funding this web project, please contact me via or via the research institute that I am working for – EMoD at the University of Oxford. A research proposal is available.
For more information on this project you can also visit the About page.

This website presents the long-term data on how we are changing our world – based on empirical evidence and visualised in graphs. Topic by topic, the empirical view of our world shows how the Enlightenment continues to make our world a better place. It chronicles how we are becoming less violent and increasingly more tolerant. The data displays how new ideas continue to improve living standards, allowing us to live a healthier, richer and happier life. It is the story of declining poverty and better food provision in a world we care about.